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Call Tracking

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A big misconception in web-based commerce is that most websites generate income by selling a product or service through a shopping cart or other type of online purchasing. The fact is, most websites in the US and Canada generate their income by creating customer contacts. Today, if your business spends money for online advertising with such engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Superpages, you have no idea which campaign is making the phone ring. For a business to generate phone calls from a website, it needs to be able to know the number of calls each of the marketing and advertising campaigns is creating. If you have numerous advertising campaigns, your company would need to have multiple websites - each website having its own phone number to track how many phone calls that campaign generates. Even though this method is used, it is not practical. There are companies that create proxy server sites to accomplish this, however this approach is expensive. It also creates obstacles to optimizing the website for organic search results. Here is our solution. Our websites comes with our TRAK the Call software that will change the contact phone on your website to a unique virtual or forwarding phone number that corresponds to a particular campaign. Track The Call will supply you with reports that will provide you with the precise number of calls a particular campaign has generated. This will put your company in complete control of your online advertising and marketing campaigns.

The beauty of Trak The Call is how simple it is to use. Every search engine, banner network or online advertising/marketing company allows clients to supply them with a unique destination or tracking URL, along with a display URL. Trak The Call will read the tracking URL which is created. Once our module sees the tracking URL it will change the phone number in the website to the phone number that is assigned.


Here is an example. The number for those who find us on Google is 877 555-5555 , the number for Bing is 877 666-6666 and yahoo is 877 777-7777 . When the Trak The Call module sees the tracking URL created from the Google site, it will change the phone number on the site from the default number to 877 555-5555 . In addition, it will place a cookie on the user so that when they return, the site will recognize them on any return visit.


Trak The Phone is a major breakthrough in SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. The two common alternatives to Trak The Call software, multiple websites and proxy websites, do not allow the main site to get credit for the purchased traffic. This is because the traffic is going to another site. So, if your company wants to get a good ranking on a search engine through organic search results, using either one of these methods will diminish your ability to do so. Since Trak The Call is a part of your, this becomes a non-issue. All the traffic you pay for will show up in your analytics.